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Are you a Fashion Fake? Get Real…

Are you a Fashion Fake? Get Real…

Aug 22, 2010

I recently wrote an article about the Power of Glamour check it out: ) and the keys to being so gorgeous on the inside and out you become a power house of confidence and self esteem.  I mean if you are glammed up, you feel hot and feel so much better about yourself, we all do, right?

Most women have experienced the stifling negativity a bad hair day can create and most women can imagine a night of wearing hot red boots with a fur coat and how absolutely incredible you’d feel, Yes?

The power of fashion and how it makes women feel is fascinating, alluring and is something to consider when it comes to how you are perceived by others and how you honestly feel about yourself….. Let’s explore the world of fashion and whether you are hiding behind it’s facade.

The difference between the spunky warm feeling of inner confidence and self esteem and being a fashion diva who’s life revolves around fashion at the expense of being unauthentic is extreme and even dangerous to your emotional health.  If you are wearing labels so obsessively that they define you, then listen up because this article is for you.

I knew a woman once who was so defined by her Tiffany jewels, her country road everything and her other designs that even after 4 years of friendship, I never really knew ‘her’.  I’m pretty sure we all know someone like this…  Everything she did revolved around being seen as something of a mogul and super success because she wore all the right things – on the outside, her life looked perfect as she was ‘seen’ in all the right places.  She judged others success by their lack of labels, glitter and gold and spoke often of what others did not have, I was one of these women who lacked the cool clothes…

And every now and then after a few drinks, her defences wore down, her inhibitions revealed a scared and lonely woman who craved love and acceptance, she feared rejection and dared not let anyone too close.  Our nights always ended in tears of fears.

What I saw was a woman who hid behind her fashion perfection and used it as a false facade of confidence, bravery and success.  Now don’t get me wrong, she was very successful but what she didn’t reveal were hidden insecurities and low self esteem wrapped up in a Country Road sweater, pants and boots, we rarely glimpsed the real beauty of this gorgeous woman. Instead she missed out on some amazingly close and loyal friendships because she wouldn’t let anyone in for fear they’d see her vulnerabilities… Any real friend who embrace her anyway, right?

The sad thing is that so many women hide behind their material possessions instead of being Real and Raw so much so, their possessions define them. How many women do you know who fail to reveal their true vulnerable nature, the woman they really are in leiu of fashion fixes?

Can you proudly wear the label of your choice and know without a doubt you are being real and raw? I mean ‘this is me, this is who I am’ kind of authenticity?

Real authenticity comes with embracing your sacred feminine self, it’s when you realise and love all of who you are, bad hair day and all and never edit who you are for anyone.  Real and raw is a continuous expression of self love in all you do, saying it as you feel it, speaking your truth, living life as you alone desire, making your own rules and letting the light of the goddess you are shine through those beautifully deep eyes. You are vulnerable and wear your heart for all to see because you realise there is nothing more beautiful than you being you…  There is little more precious in the world than a woman who is sovereign to her own divinity.

Mia Freedman is such a woman… Check out her site:

When it comes to clothes and wearing yummy things that make us feel good, wear them with pride but remember who you really are. You are not a label… You are a magical being of light and love who has so much more to offer the world than something pretty to look at. Dare to reveal the real you under the facade of delicious clothing and be your glamorous self,  however you express your true nature.

3 Tips for Being Authentic & Fashionable

1)  Dare to show up as yourself, when you don’t really feel like making an effort, don’t. Show those around you who you really are without makeup and coordinated clothing. I don’t mean being a dag to the point of embarassing but I do mean it’s not always a fashion contest and you showing up as you are, gives those permission to do the same.

2)  Check in with yourself… Do you have to have your ‘look’ perfect before you leave the house? If so, check in with yourself as to why this is the case. If any of the reasons fall into the category of ‘being worried about what others think’, you could be a slave to fashion and hiding something very precious… The Real You!

3)  If you always look good and know you don’t have a problem with being authentic, revealing yourself, your true nature and you stand tall, then own that sister, you can lead the way for other women to follow… You are divine. Be sure to love and honour yourself often.

Please know that I am always here to help. If there is even a little part of you that you know is hiding behind materialism and fighting fears to be yourself, then please make an appointment to speak to me. The world deserves to see you for who you really are.

It takes a lot more time and effort being a fashion fake as opposed to being yourself and showing up as you feel… Just remember that when you are deliberating what to wear.

Yours Real and Raw

Janelle Manton

All Rights Reserved (c)


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