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Birthday Secrets

Birthday Secrets

Nov 15, 2013

20130726_164211Hi Dear Friends,  It’s my birthday this month and I want to share a secret with you… The year is nearly over and you might have noticed I’ve taken most of this year off Top Secret stuff so I can re-calibrate and create some exciting new products and services…  And now I’d like to share a little of what has been going on.  As you may know, I’ve been coaching for nearly 10 years with exceptional results and I’ve spent a lot of time turning my Coaching Program into an exciting and intense 5 day workshop – something that every one can enjoy and benefit from.With the extra benefits of working with a group of very like minded women, these 5 days are the most intense and fulfilling days you might ever experience.

I know there is nothing like this program on the planet – it includes 44 years of life experience, 10 years of research, another 10 years of client results through coaching, training and facilitating and it’s all poured into a 5 day intensive experience.

I have run a pilot program and the results and change that has occurred amongst the women have been astounding and affect every area of their lives…. Want to know more? You can email me for more information so you can be the first to attend my 5 day program.  Brisbane first then the world…

Stay tuned for a new web page with full details and how you can attend for free.

Other news I’d like to share is I have been accepted onto the UN Women’s Committee for the next International Women’s Day Breakfast event where we raise money for UN women.  It’s a great honour to be a part of something so influential and I mention it today so all of my Brisbane friends can save the date – 8th March 2014 at Brisbane Convention Centre. I hope to see you at the event – more details to follow. xx

Happy November.

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