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Bliss Tip 2016

Bliss Tip 2016

Apr 25, 2016

It’s been sooo long since I’ve given a Bliss Tip – These little tid-bits of bliss are easy ways you can be with yourself and prioritise you, so you can enjoy a more blissful life.

One of my therapeutic colouring in projects...

One of my therapeutic colouring in projects…

Today’s Bliss Tip is about reminding you that every day there needs to be time spared to do what you love, the thing that juices you up, fills your well and reminds you of who you are. Today I spent time cooking a mega meal for my family, watched 2 musicals while updating my website and enjoyed the serenity that comes with time alone.

What can you do each day or at the very least weekly, that dedicates time to doing something you love? Is it colouring in? Painting? Cooking? Drawing? Yoga? Lighting candles? Dancing? Writing? Meditation?

the choices are endless and whatever you choose, make it mean “I love me enough to honor the time spent with me”. Remember when you fill your well, you then have enough energy to give fully to others.

Yours Real and Raw,


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