Live Your Life Like You Are Ageless…

Pro-Life is Anti Woman. What do you think?

The Abortion argument has been going on for decades and here, a comedian puts forward the most sensible argument I’ve heard yet…

How Women Think Part 1 of 3

Every wonder why you do the things you do?  You are not alone!  this is a great 3 part video on How Women Think… We are not as crazy as we sometimes feel. Check out Alison Armstrong’s dynamic delivery of essential info for all women.

I lost 5kg in 30 days

This video gives you detailed information about the Isagenix 30 day Cleanse I recently did to clear my body of toxins and excess weight. I lost a total of 34cms off my body and feel fantastic and strong.  If you want more information about how to get started on your cleanse, email me:...

The Nothing Box – Men’s Brains are Different

Women often wonder what goes on in a mans head and what makes it so difficult to communicate with them. In this video, Mark Gungor explains the differences between men’s and women’s brain in an enlightening and vibrant presentation… Enjoy!

Lose the Wheat Belly, Lose Weight

And we wonder why as we get older it gets harder and harder to stay trim and healthy. This looks like an interesting read..

How to live your Dreams

What dreams may come for you? It’s one thing to have dreams, but do you know how to live them, breath them in and create abundance?  Let Les Brown enlighten you my friends. xxx