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Come Fly with Me

Come Fly with Me

Jun 4, 2013

Flying lessons for ladies who want to live the high life

Wonder-Woman_flyingSometime ago I started flying lessons – figuratively speaking. The lessons started when I realised I wanted to fly high above the clouds, above ordinary, average and normal. I wanted to rise above challenges, adversity and mediocrity and explore the wonders of being a successful woman above and beyond comfortable. I simply wanted to take off and be extra-ordinary…

My lessons started with a focus on navigating potential dangers and how to respond to hazards. Discovering how to put control measures in place is a big part of flying fundamentals. As you can imagine safety is a huge part of learning to fly because in order to learn to overcome dangers, sometimes we need to experience them first hand. I can relate to this during my life growing up when navigating through the battlefield of domestic violence, abuse and the like, perhaps you can also relate to this too?

Learning to fly doesn’t happen without significant skills in risk management, as a woman, this is essential to my growth.  Learning how to let go of my baggage and install risk controls is one of the greatest lessons in life. I had to learn from my mistakes, the mistakes of others and life experiences in order to move on or else put myself in harm’s way, again and again. 

“Too much baggage makes take off very challenging and dangerous. Imagine a Boeing 747 taking off with too much baggage? The result can be catastrophic.”

Lesson No 1.  Let go of baggage that doesn’t serve your greater good, lighten the load so you can take off effortlessly.

I then had to learn how to operate the controls and understand how to navigate this woman named Janelle.  I developed a trust and ability to communicate with my higher self through coaching and mentoring with experts in this field. I discovered what my intuition feels like when it is ignited, this was a painful lesson for me which resulted in 6 months of not being able to walk, all because I ignored my intuitive feelings and mistook them for fear. Definitely not a lesson I want to repeat, so welcoming my intuitive messages after the ‘accident’ was easy.

Intuition and flying are synonymous, it is the state of being aware of or knowing something without having to discover or perceive it.  When flying, you have to know what to do, nothing is by chance. Intuition is a sense of knowing too and both are fundamentals to flying high.

Other controls to know how to operate are your body and all the intricacies that come with such a complicated machine… Your sexual functionality both emotionally and physically is vital – figure out what makes you tick and let go of any negative conditioning that prevents your growth and confidence in this area. Sexuality is core to who you are as a woman.  Healthy sexuality gives you balance and sustainability and the thrust to push you forward, it’s like fuel for your soul.

Imagine an aircraft without balance and thrust, it wouldn’t get off the ground?

Your general health is next, a happy energetic, vibrant body is a happy one and the flow on effect impacts your mental attitude and ability to self-love and adore. Aircraft maintenance is critical for safe flights. Daily pre-start checks, grease and clean oil changes and daily test flights are crucial when flying above the clouds. Remember we don’t want an incident!

‘Look after your body and mind as if every day is saving you from a life-threatening crash.’

Lesson No. 2   Comprehend and appreciate the controls, do daily maintenance checks and look after the aircraft so you minimise the chance of incident. You will then sustain high altitude flying for extended periods of time.

Once I had the controls mastered it was time to take off… The first step in taking off is to know where I am flying to. I had to punch in the location sequence so I could navigate the best route to the destination. An accurate flight plan is paramount to a successful flight.

‘What this really means is you have to have a goal and a list of actions to get you there. If you don’t know where you’re going and how to get there, how can you take off and start flying?’

Lesson No.3   Nothing happens without a flight plan and deciding the final destination. If you want a successful take off, understand where you are going and how you are going to get there.

It’s time to start flying… As you can imagine, take off burns a significant amount of fuel, the greatest part of flyingFlying superhero is the preparation and take off. Awareness of what it takes to get off the ground is essential for the frequent flyers. Manage your fuel levels at all times!

‘It’s only with careful planning and dedication can you really soar with eagles.’

At cruise altitude most people set back and relax and admire the scenery, it is true this is certainly a reward for your effort. However, cruising is a time to sett new standards. You’ve reached the top safely, so this now becomes the new standard and so looking at what is beyond this point becomes your new focus. 

‘Setting new standards creates renewed motivation to fly even higher.’

At this point, you have to make sure you don’t get complacent because this is where we tend to have the most reported crash incidents, UFO’s and attacks… “We didn’t see it coming” is a common cry. Unidentified flying objects, falling asleep at the controls and personal attacks are prevalent at altitude.

To prevent crash incident a warning light is installed in all aircraft, it’s called the ‘Gut Feeling’ ligh

t. When you’ve got an aircraft flying high, you may find there are some things and people who want to bring the flight down. The warning light is green, (coincidentally, the colour of envy). The best way to manage a ‘Gut Feeling light up’ is to firstly, acknowledge the light, keep your eye on the destination, don’t look down because ‘where you look is where you go’ and start flying higher than before – out of harm’s way. Those attacking and trying to pull you down won’t expect this reaction and will fall to the wayside. The same is with UFO’s, if you have your eyes wide open at all times, you will see it coming and be able to plan your escape in advance.

Lesson No.4 Understand the warning signals and the potential for UFO attacks, set new standards and never settle for complacency. Where you look, is where you go. Keep your eyes wide open!

Remember this golden rule for flying high… Flying is a male dominated industry and for you to reach the Platinum Frequent Flyer status, you have to be your womanly self – steadfast, strong and beautifully vibrant.  Understand your body, attitude and emotional controls and stay balanced, listen and tune in. Be prepared for UFO’s and other obstacles and always strive for new standards.

Thanks for flying with me today and I trust you will enjoy your flight. For more information on flying lessons with me, please email me for a free 15 minute session and lets discuss what’s next for you.

Yours Real and Raw,

Captain Janelle Manton



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