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Dear Warrior Lover

Dear Warrior Lover

Jul 26, 2012

This is a love letter to inspire you to share your heart, your thoughts and be more romantic… What comes out of your heart sharing is authentic feelings, real and raw openness, vulnerability and love in abundance… Sometimes we just don’t realise the power of telling someone just how much you love them…

Dear Warrior Lover,

Your stance is tall, strong and proud, how I love to watch you move especially when you are unaware of my gaze.  In your words of wisdom, I find much chemistry that before we even knew each other, stirred me deep within and now knowing you, have stolen my heart…

There is something about you warrior man that captivates, tantalises and reverberates within me, you have stirred me to wakefulness and I am blossoming. You are energetically grounded and subtle with your energy which keeps me feeling safe and certain around you, it’s easier for me to give you my heart, knowing I can trust you.

In the past, when my lover has not been grounded and has shown patterns of being flighty, unsettled and without conviction about who he is and his purpose, it has installed doubt within me and I became guarded with my hearts love.  I know when I am this way, I am not loving fully and not being my true authentic self.  I do not accept not being my true self in a relationship as it is like living a lie of betrayal of the worst kind, that of denying myself of true love.

A Goddess cannot be true to herself and allow her feminine nature to open by the love of a warrior by someone who does not love themselves… I realise this now, but only after loving you…

My love for you is like a title wave of emotion that sweeps me off my feet every time I see you, feel you and am near to you… And my feelings for you blossom and grow with every day we know each other more. You make me want to be a better person for you and for me, isn’t that what love is all about?

How you have embraced all of me, my life, my children and my way of being is a revelation of truth that we humbly accept.  You see, I’ve never known love like this where you have fallen in love with my whole family and they you. Only a warrior man can capture the hearts of children at the same time you sweep me off my feet. You have no limits or impatience with your time when it comes to knowing my children and so have also captured their hearts.  You treat them like people of interest, not something that has to be dealt with or put up with… Only a true Warrior can be so unconditional with his love. For this I love you more.

Your touch, your kiss, your embrace all serve to melt the pain and hurt I have experienced in the past with lost love and I return to your heart the security you offer, as you deserve…. For I love you more than I’ve ever loved before, you are who I’ve been waiting for so many years now. I could never have loved you like I do now any sooner, as I have had to explore the nature of my Goddess being and my capacity to love in readiness for you. And I am ready to give you everything I have, my whole heart. I will share the secrets with my soul with you dear Warrior and embrace the journey we undertake together… Only a warrior man can open a Goddess in such a way. I love you dear Warrior man.

We have much to share and much to explore and the excitement I feel for our union reveals a lifetime of discovery, growth, exhilaration and connection… with you. Oh how you excite me, it’s like you have set fire to my JuJu and ignited passion within me that has been waiting for someone with your courage and strength to spark… I am now your flame and I will burn brighter and higher than ever before, as you fan the fire of my desires…I want to pour myself all over you making us one.  I am your Woman and you are my Man.

I never want to leave you, I never want you to leave me. I want you in my life, to be part of my life forever more. I want to grow old with you and explore the world together, weaving our magic of change and growth as we walk the path of life together… I’ve never wanted this with anyone else before, it’s a first for me and I want it with you.

You are the air I breathe and with every thump of my beating heart I will love you and cherish you, respect you and give you all the space you need to be the man you are now and the man you will become in the future… I am humbly yours Dear Warrior Lover and I am here to love and support you in your journey.

Take me. I am yours.

Janelle Manton

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