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December Bliss Tip

December Bliss Tip

Dec 5, 2013

merry_Christmas_sign_BWIt’s that time of year once again, Christmas, and as I reflect on the year past I realise one significant difference compared to other chaotic years…  My vow to make life simple.

You see at the beginning of this year a pilgrimage north allowed me time to reflect on business, networks, friends and what I discovered was a lack of fulfillment and joy in so many areas of my life because everything in my life, it was all so demanding and chaotic. Couple that with some un-manifested goals and disappointments, friends who were not so friendly and I knew it was time for a change…

This year has been amazing… I’m working in an area I love and am passionate about, achieving incredible results, I have a handful of ‘Go Get Em’ coaching clients who are kicking BUTT and a family life I could only ever have dreamed of. I’ve attracted the love of my life and finally feel the kind of fulfillment we read about in books… And it all came so simply. HOW you ask?

SLOW DOWN, do not let the thoughts your mind continuously churns out consume you, they are not you (they are only a by-product of your environment). Life is meant to be joyful and simple, so remember to sit and observe it once in a while. Stop allowing your beliefs and values to rule your possibilities for fun and happiness. Maintain a positive state of mind…

Remember this holiday season while you are spending time with loved ones that you are a MEANING MAKING MACHINE – we make meaning out of everything that happens and it’s rarely the right meaning (and hence causes dis-ease in you)….

This months Bliss Tip is about you being light-hearted, open and free to enjoy the bliss of being your real self and enjoy the holidays as you desire. Adopt the motto “if it’s not simple. I’m not doing it”… From here life will begin to flow as it was intended.

If you are interested in learning how you can achieve your ideal life and feel fulfilled, please email me and lets discuss private coaching for 2014. I have over 10 years experience working with hundreds of clients.


Yours Real and Raw



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