Live Your Life Like You Are Ageless…

Feeling Fabulous at 40… Why wait?

Gorgeous Ladies (and to my growing list of gentleman readers),

Recently, I had a photgraphic session by the very talented Dylan Hodgson (check him out on my facebook) for the purpose of PR, a fun experience I would recommend to everyone.  However, that is not what I am going to write about today…. What I noticed in going through the disc of fabulous photos is how much I had grown.  There was one picture in particular that stopped me in my tracks, it was a full length photo that captured the very essence of who I am, a real woman.  I thought to myself, wow, I look like a grown up…!  I’d never really seen myself in that light prior to this moment. I feel so young at heart in my mind that seeing my nearly 40 self was a revelation, a fabulous one because I love what I saw. Yes I had a pretty pink shirt on and my hair and makeup was awesome, but what I really captured was the essence of me. While I feel like I own who I am, real and raw, I actually connected and saw that woman in the photo!

I couldn’t help but think of how many times in the past I had put myself down for not being skinny enough, or tall enough, my breasts weren’t big enough, or my teeth straight enough, or I wasn’t smart enough… I have, in the past, spent a lot of time wishing I had something more than what I was blessed with.  I lived in the wish fulfilled of something more. The amount of time I have wasted as a young adult woman not accepting,  not loving, critising and not utilising what I have is profound. I can only, now, imagine what my young adult years would have been like if I lived in the moment feeling confident and grateful as I do now.

With the media hammering us daily with modified pictures of perfect ‘skinny’ women, articles on how to lose post baby weight in 2 weeks, diet, diet, diet, film clips that have girating goddesses thrusting themselves against the camera, etc… No wonder we are lead to believe we are not perfect just the way we are… I wish I could go back in time and feel the way I do now… I would have so much more time on my hands, I would feel much happier, I would have had an insatiable lust for life, more confidence, make better decisions, be an uninhibited lover and much more successful….

Now being I can’t go back in time and now is all I can change,  when I look in the mirror I see beauty, lumps, bumps and all…. I accept my curvaceous body, my womanly shape. I see a woman who has mothered two children, is open minded and loving and is perfect with her ‘imperfections’.  I can’t help but wonder how much time we all waste thinking and feeling we wish we had something more than we do – and I am not just relating to our bodies!

Have YOU ever wished for a different vessel to carry around your soul?  Have you ever wished your butt was smaller, legs longer, nose straighter?  What would be different in your life, if you accepted your gorgeous body and just got on with living, here and now? Take a look around, every ‘body’ is different, most women have curves (that is the way we are supposed to look), we are made in all shapes and sizes, that is what makes us all unique and special… it’s what you do with it that makes the biggest difference. And even more importantly, it is who you are as a person and what you do in your life that is the ultimate prize. They say, beauty comes from within, and they are not kidding…

I have to say as I approach 40 this year, I have never felt better! I have passed many tests, learnt many lessons, weathered much time and experiences and grown enormously, especially in the past few years… In some ways, I feel I have grown into my body, I’ve never been so ‘in love’ with this machine that carries ‘me’ around. I am grateful, blessed.  I find a way to feel and experience gratitude everyday for what I am blessed with and in turn, feel happier, lighter and more productive.

My questions to you are… How much time are you wasting wishing you had ‘something’ different?  Are you actively looking after your body temple or spending your time self bashing, wishing you were better, skinner, bigger, smarter? What would it take for you to love who you are, truly indulge in a loving relationship with yourself? What difference would it make to your day, life, if you said each morning how gorgeous, healthy, smart, sexy you are (instead of  God, I wish I had…”).

There is no time like the present (especially as that is the only time that truly exists) to start doing something different, more loving, for yourself. Why wait to you are 40 to start loving all of you?  My journey has been a long one because it took me to my mid thirties to realise how important it was to love me, prioritise me, care for me and cultivate me…. Only then can I give more to others – like my children. And the journey starts from within….

You can start now!

The more you love yourself from the inside and ‘own who you are’ as a spirited divine being, the less important it is if you have a few bumps or not.  The deeper you go down the rabbit hole in finding out who you are and what makes you tick, the more accepting you are of your external world and the more it changes to a positive view and the more inclined you are of taking care of your body.  The more you journey to the centre of your universe, the more beautiful everything in the world becomes – including your body! Loving your body and owning who you are is an inward journey, and the sooner you start, the easier it will be to prioritise taking care of, nurturing and loving all of you.  What are you waiting for?

If you are unsure how to start your inward journey to loving your external body, then call me, I can coach you to a perfect place of acceptance where you will delight in being yourself – REAL & RAW! My coaching assist you in overcoming limiting beliefs, experiences and negativity that stop you getting more out of life.  You can change your present experiences in life by taking action.

For those who want to take action, right now, I am offereing a FREE  “SOLUTION SESSION’ – a 30 minute phone coaching session that focusses on one challenge you are currently facing and in 30 minutes, you will leave the call with a solution – I guarantee it! You have nothing to loose, make the call to start changing your life now.

With love and gratitude.

Yours Real and Raw,

Janelle Manton


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    1. Kerry /

      Hello beautiful one,

      As another almost 40-year-old. I totally got your message! Ageing is to be celebrated and embraced. We have travelled far but still have so much more to discover, experience, enjoy, friends to make and love to be given and shared.
      Let your mind start a journey
      thru a strange new world.
      Leave all thoughts of
      the world you knew before.
      Let your soul take you
      where you long to be…
      Close your eyes let your spirit
      start to soar, and you’ll live
      as you’ve never lived before.


    2. Marie /

      loved it ! awesome insight

    3. Linda Wilson /

      Hi Janelle

      I love the way you expressed this…I work in womens health and would love to print this up for so many women who doubt themselves. I agree with you wholeheartedly….

    4. Hi Janelle

      How eloquently presented ……. I’m so close to 60, and love the ‘me’ now more than I did when I was in my 30’s & 40’s …….
      I’d like to extend a personal invitation for you to join “CoolestWmnOnDplanet” Social Networking Group, specifically for foxy entrepreneurial women forging forward with a strong focus on their dreams and goals ……….

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