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How to BE the Ultimate Woman

How to BE the Ultimate Woman

Sep 11, 2012

In the last 50 years we women have come a long way in our fight for equality and women’s rights, it’s been tough and continues today with the ongoing domination of the our patriarchal societies and male dominated work forces… And while more and more countries are showing their feminine rise with female leadership, it doesn’t mean our countries are being run and organised in a feminine way.

The average woman is still going to work full time, looking after children most of the time and is still doing 70% of the housework… And we wonder why we are exhausted and have had enough.  We compete with men, we dress like men and think we have a fair chance, but do we?

As we speak, there is a change occurring, it is the rise of Real World Feminism, it’s the difference from when women left the family home and went to work for the first time, wearing suits that look like men, then fighting for equal pay, to more and more women realising we had it wrong and need something more.  We can’t actually work the same way as men, we are not built the same and we have different priorities and values…

We are women, feminine and flowing… More and more women are realising they can’t work the same way as men, it’s unsustainable. Women know they have to embrace their womanliness and live life like real women in order to really succeed.

The Real World Feminist Movement is very real and very different and it’s about women becoming the ultimate woman by embracing your whole life, especially your femininity. There are more women than ever before starting their own business – allowing for freedom and flexibility to manage their families. More women are fighting for their rights and exceeding even their own expectations in business and family achievements.

Women are determining their own hours of work and are seeing the benefit of organic business growth, rather than the driven, pushy, target oriented approach of our male counterparts (don’t take this the wrong way guys, we still love you, we just can’t sustain doing business like you).

More women are breaking away from grey and navy suits and adding colour to spice up their day.  We are steering away from the ball breaker mould we once thought we had to be in order to be taken seriously and we are softening our approach to work, career and business by building authentic, real relationships instead.

Materialism and consumerism are fading trends as women become more planet earth conscious and we are leading the way forward when it comes to nurturing our earth and each other.  We don’t care as much for fashion trends and find greater joy in recycled fashion and our individuality. We are becoming conscious consumers.

Women are motivated by peace and outcomes that benefit everyone, not just those in the boardroom or the stake-holders.

BUT why are women’s health issues on the rise still? More mental health problems, homelessness, suicide, fatigue related disorders, low incomes and in some cases, complete breakdowns…

Could it be women are not changing their ways toward real feminism quick enough?

Do they even know what the problem is?

Are too many women caught in transition from the old patriarchal/feminist ways and do not know how to change with the new world?

Here is a secret you must know if you want to grow and evolve

Every area of your life needs to be in balance. I’m not talking about having a bubble bath to feel relaxed and ‘life balanced’.  What I mean is looking at all areas of your life and actually doing something about the area that is not working for you.

Take a look at the many different life areas:

  • Health/Wellness/Fitness
  • Career/Business
  • Relationships/Personal/Family/Self
  • Sexuality
  • Social/Friendships
  • Spirituality/Religion
  • Wealth/Finances
  • Adventure/Recreation
  • Creativity/Hobbies
  • Growth/Contribution/Education

There are probably a few more I’ve not mentioned. In any case, if you don’t have all areas running smoothly with balance, then the wheel of life gets a bit bumpy.  If you are traveling along your path of life and it’s a rough ride, then it’s imperative you look at why and what you can do about it.

It’s no longer good enough to take what comes your way and do nothing about it, not when there is soooooo much you can do and so much assistance available. There is no excuse for victim mentality, ignorance, justifications and heads in the sand. The time to step up and ask for what you need is here, it’s the feminine way.

The world, your family and YOU need you to be the ultimate woman – for all our sake. The future of our planet, our children and their children is in our hands. Are you ready to take the next step? Check out The ULTIMATE LADIES EXPO (Brisbane Australia and coming to a town near you real soon)

It’s time to join the Real World Feminist Movement and take control of your life, be the best you can be and not settle for anything less.


If you are ready to become THE ULTIMATE WOMAN then stay tuned for my FREE REPORT – 7 STEPS TO BECOMING THE ULTIMATE WOMAN and discover how you can join the thousands of women who have already joined the REAL WORLD FEMINIST MOVEMENT.


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