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How to Cultivate Goddess Grace

How to Cultivate Goddess Grace

Jul 2, 2010

Grace is being fully aware of your body, its movements, its capabilities and actions at all times. It’s how you hold yourself, speak, react, honor and value who you are.  Being graceful is an ‘awareness feeling’ being executed all the time… It’s flowing and gentle, soft and fluid, feminine…

Here are many ways you can cultivate your own Gracefulness;

  • Become more fully aware and accepting of your body and it’s movements at all times, stand tall, hold your head high and walk with purpose
  • Remember grace is nonverbal and verbal and the words you speak can have graceful qualities, choose your words carefully with meaning and truth, grace comes from your heart
  • Look often with love at your body and appreciate the beauty of your feminine vessel. Everything about your body is a gift from the gods, love it as you deserve
  • Exercise and develop your core strength, eat well and rest appropriately for energy. Breath deeply and do daily stretching, a limber body is more fluid and feminine
  • Know thyself… Listen to your inner voice, the one of intuition and learn to follow your own guidance, trust the woman within
  • Dance often. Either take classes or dance often at home, mastering your body movements is an essential part of having grace and poise naturally
  • Groom appropriately, delicately and take due care of your skin and nails by using quality chemical free cosmetics
  • Wearing flowing feminine clothes and shoes that fit comfortably always makes you feel elegant and graceful. Take that feeling of flow with you no matter what you are wearing
  • Surround yourself with graceful things, nature, plants, fish, waterfalls, home wares, food, bath products, friends and people…

Remember beautiful goddess, true beauty comes from within, so feeling like a womanly Goddess or siren is only a state of mind but one that can be enhanced with a little external help and practice.

Winning affections is simple but it has to start with yourself – winning your own affection and totally loving what you see, hear and feel about the woman you are… External affections will follow quite naturally once you have self love sorted, I promise.

Every woman deserves to reveal the Heavenly Graceful Goddess within… Try these few simple tips and please, gorgeous one, share your thoughts and tips with us here… I love hearing from you x

Yours Real and Raw

Janelle Manton



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    1. Joanne /

      Beautifully written Janelle, thank you for remindering me to cultivate my own Gracefulness. x

    2. A lovely article from a lovely woman, thank you xx

    3. Magda /

      Lovely article, Im on my way of discovering my feminity at the age of 28… but Im happy. Thank you, this will definetely help me

    4. Thank you for your advice. We tend to forget. I am in a mission for 2016 to take a quantum leap. Embracing and nurturing my inner Goddess is one of the core points in my vision. I will come back and read more from you.

      Much love.

      • janelle /

        I promise I will write more… I had checked out of this life for a while, but I can feel the pull to come back after a huge personal growth period myself. I cannot wait to share. xx

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