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January Bliss Tip

January Bliss Tip

Jan 29, 2014

lovers01I’m just in the nick of time to send you this months Bliss Tip before February arrives…  January is such a huge month especially in Australia with summer school holidays and a huge Christmas break, so I apologise for my tardiness.

January Bliss Tip is about afternoon delights (that is YOU taking an afternoon off every now).  Call it a Self Preservation Day if you like and here are the reasons why it’s important to give this gift to yourself:

  • You are the most important person in the world, you need to take time out to refuel and recharge
  • A clear mind and soul is a healthy one, this will help you avoid overwhelm and other burnout challenges
  • Sometimes we simply need to stop and recalibrate
  • We as adults just don’t have that much fun any more, and sometimes we need to be a bit naughty and take a day off for ourselves
  • A break in your routine keeps life interesting and keeps you on your toes
  • An afternoon delight could be a perfect remedy for a stale relationship…

I’m sure you can come up with lots of other reasons why a day off or afternoon to yourself may be important… But are you committed to taking a day off any time soon?  I challenge you!

Happy blissfulness

Janelle 🙂


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