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Top Secret Women’s Business is no longer a secret, I have a confession…

Top Secret Women’s Business is no longer a secret, I have a confession…

Apr 24, 2013

Slver-top-pic-JanelleI decided to take this year off Top Secret Women’s Business because I was just so tired of pushing and trying so hard to make things work and not achieving the results I knew were just around the corner… I have to tell you, it was a bloody big corner and I just couldn’t get around it nor sustain that level of effort any longer, something had to give, so I finally decided, to give it a rest. When I stopped I got this message –  If it’s not simple, don’t do it! This is my new motto!

So after business partners not working out or even working at all, events not living up to my expectations, threats, disappointment etc, I’d had enough! People come and go, that I know but decided if I am here to stay, I need to rest and restore and do things differently if I want different results. I decided at Christmas to take my own advise and stop everything I’d been doing until further notice.

Time out gave me a gift and I now have a confession, something you may have already guessed along the way but Top Secret Women’s Business was only always about me, a documented account of my journey, illustrated in each and every article I wrote – most so I could clear my head and gain clarity. I thought if I’m feeling this way, surely there are other women who might be in need of the information I sought.  I’m not perfect

Every time I ran a Goddess Retreat, I needed it too, I craved the time out and time inside my own head… The workshops I facilitated were the same, about me getting what I needed.  I needed what I was teaching others.  Please don’t get me wrong, my intentions were pure and always of a helping nature because that is what I am most passionate about – I want to make a difference in the world and leave a legacy of social change but it started with’ my’ personal transformation… I think that is why it was all such a big secret.  AND NOW the secret is out there will be significant changes to this little business, so stay tuned.

The good news is all of my own workshops, coaching and retreats have worked their magic on me and I feel changed, like I’ve traveled to a new atmosphere and I’ve entered into an new era. AND I WANT TO SAY, TOP SECRET WOMEN’S BUSINESS IS NO LONGER A SECRET! It’s about you being the best woman you can be.

FreedomI am going to share what I know with the world, starting with a fresh approach, new workshops and revised retreats, inspiring new articles and I’ll be inviting feature writers to join the blog, amongst many other additions over time.

So here is the plan, I’m still taking this year off with a few exceptions, I will be facilitating  ONE VERY SPECIAL RETREAT for working women & women in business. There will be space for up to 14 women. I will also be conducting several one day workshops, so keep your eyes out for dates. These are for women who want it all, success, balance and happiness – this will be a practical HOW TO day of learning.

And lastly, I will be taking on only 3 New Coaching Clients per half, by application only because I have to be certain you are ready for what you are going to receive.

Right now, I am just putting it out there and keeping you informed – I appreciate your loyalty and letters asking about my whereabouts. I may not be consistent while I transition, up-skill and re-design this women’s business but rest assured, I am working hard behind the scenes creating new and wonderful things to inspire and make my mark on the world, by helping you make yours.

Please feel free to email me directly with any queries –

I am still yours Real and Raw,

Janelle Manton

Founder of Top Secret Women’s Business

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