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How to Overcome Adversity with Power

How to Overcome Adversity with Power

May 30, 2016

Lessons on Overcoming Adversity


I Am Possible

I Am Possible


Do you find yourself struggling with down times in your life?

You know the times where you might feel stuck and like there is no light at the end of the tunnel?  In life it is very easy to allow such times to linger and keep you down when there is so much more to life.

It can be very hard to know what to do when you have been kicked down but remember this – who you are when you are kicked down (by yourself or others) is just as important as who you are when you are up in life.

Be sure at the times when you are struggling and adversity is running the show to remember that life moves in seasons and everything happens for a reason.

There is so much to learn from down times and so much you can gain from what you perceive as you have lost as inside the lessons a dark time can bring you can find the greatest gifts life has to offer.  Of course if you are struggling you should seek professional help to get through it as mentoring or counselling can be the light that is splashed on any given situation to cause you to bust through the challenges that may be holding you down.

Also remember that adversity has visited most people at particular times in their lives and you are never alone.  So often women can see a dark time as something that negatively defines them when  the reality is it can be the pressure that causes the diamond you are to be cut beautifully – ready to shine and sparkle brightly for the next season of life with great lessons to carry forward.

When considering adversity, also consider the great things in your life.  I know… that can be difficult when it seems the lights are dimmed – but you can and you will find the light in any given situation.  It can be hard to dig deep and learn from your situation, however, know you are worthy, you are deserving and you are capable of overcoming anything.

You are a beautiful woman of the universe who has the power to change and transform any given situation and take those lemons and make lemonade.  Always reach out for help and know that you are never alone while ensuring that you adopt an attitude of enduring.  The power within you is ever present and you must know that inside every dark time there is a wonderful present.

Written by Anna Lang

25th Many 2016

All Rights Reserved (C)

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