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Power Dressing at Work

Power Dressing at Work

Apr 8, 2012

The Business of Women in Business Series

There is no denying that times have changed, women have come a long way since rattling those pots and pans and wearing cute little frilly aprons. Women are a power and force to be reckoned with when it comes to the corporate world. There are more female CEO’s and business owners than ever before and more women working than any other time in history.  This feminism stuff really works, right?

The one thing that can be identified with all these fabulous changes is the way in which women have had to compete in the male dominated world.  In order to be contenders and taken seriously women have become a lot like men, denying their sacred birth right to womanliness – competitive cut throat work practices, long extended hours (regardless of family obligations), dressing in dark power suits and over achieving with greed and ‘success at all cost’ mentality.  This is not the way real women work; it goes against our primal nature and causes long term damage to your health and emotional wellness.

Most work cultures adopt the three ‘T’ rules (unofficially); thank you to one of my friends for sharing this… No Tits, No Toes and No Thighs!

This means conservative work wear that reveals very little femininity and womanliness. I understand that a revealing cleavage and short skirts can be a distraction and inappropriate and wearing strappy sandals may be a workplace hazard but this does not mean women have to dress like men in order to be effective and productive. There is a point of which a woman can be distinctly different yet still contenders in the seriousness of the business world. Androgyny no longer has a place in the new wave of feminism that is upon us. Beauty, softness and feminine power has it’s time to shine, it’s now! Watch us blossom!

What can you do to shift out of masculine fashion and workplace culture and ignite your femininity at work?

Here are 5 tips to Feminine Power Dressing

  • Ditch the black, grey and navy suits and add colour. The more you break out of this dreary male mould and excel powerfully with a coloured suit, the more the message we send is clear – I am powerful when I look like a woman and I’m still more than capable of meeting KPI’s and addressing the board of Directors!
  • Wear sexy knickers every day. Ditch the comfy options and go for some sexy comfy options. Never underestimate the power of sexy underwear. When you have the soft sensation of silken lace against your body you can’t help but feel sexy, powerful and feminine!
  • Dare to wear red or lipstick (if you don’t already)… go light on all other makeup except mascara and a bright red lipstick. It can be high maintenance so take your lip liner with you but the results are incredibly worth it. Red lips spell power and confidence. Well applied makeup that is appropriate for the workplace can only add to your professional image.
  • Get rid of slacks and pants and trade up for a well-tailored dress. There are so many options for corporate looking dresses these days and they aren’t all black and grey. Dare to do it a little different, add colour, pearls, spike heels and you are a picture of elegance yet professionalism.
  • Accessorize with elaborate and stylish necklaces, earrings, stockings, bracelets, scarves, brooches, shoes glorious shoes…. With so many options available, there is nothing quite as gorgeous as a well accessorized woman. Set the precedent in your office that it’s ok to be fashionable, feminine and fabulous… Then set about exceeding expectations!

When you step out of your comfort zone, as a leader, you also give permission for other women to do the same and before you know it, you have long term change in your workplace of what is expected when it comes to women’s professional attire… The ripple effect will be astounding…

Why is change important?

Because we are not men – obvious I know but for so long women have been acting and competing and dressing like men and part of the problem we face as women is not owning our differences – that of being feminine.  We have an enormous amount of strength and power at our finger tips which is being denied and rejected for fear of not being taken seriously and it has to stop.

Too many women are dealing with the effects of burnout and the ever increasing list of emotional and physical ailments that come with over work and denial.  Taking ownership of your femininity by way of dressing more femininely is just one small step to changing century old traditions of patriarchal domination. Brace yourself and prepare now for the new wave of feminism… Start feminizing now!

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Much love,

Yours Real and Raw

Janelle Manton – The Feminizer

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    1. hi Janelle

      do you think its okay for women to dress sexy in the office even though it can distract men. do you think its empowering for women to dress sexy in the office – do you agree with showing cleavage and baring skin in the office

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