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Secrets Revealed – Girl Time Rules!

Darling and most gorgeous Goddesses,

This article is about secrets revealed – your secrets! I remember being a little girl and my best friend was almost like an extension of my mind. We shared everything, our thoughts, experiences, wishes, our dreams and aspirations.  We engaged in hours of creative play acting games (mostly Barbies), we amused ourselves (quite seriously) with regular talent quests, girls clubs and we danced and sang into the wee hours of the night.

After spending all day at school together and playing at each others house after, we would then come home and get on the phone or write letters to each other to give the next day. Then one day we grew up, life took a hold of us, we had jobs, higher school, boyfriends and our ‘togetherness’ slowly diminished….

In the old days, there wasn’t a thing I would not tell my girlfriend, she knew everything about me and I about her. Nowadays, with husbands, children, careers, companies, obligations and schedules, there doesn’t seem to be as much time to play (although sometimes I wish we could) and so, with grown up life, our secret thoughts, dreams and aspirations go untold. I miss those days of girlfriend supremecy!

Does it really have to be because we get older and more responsible that our fun girly ways have to go too? I THINK NOT!  My wish is for more girl time, more secrets told, more slumber parties, dancing and singing and more freedom to just BE, with the girls.

When was the last time you had some quality ‘girlfriend time’, had a sleep over and told your inner most intimate thoughts and secrets to your best friends?  Maybe there is a woman you’d like to be best friends with but just haven’t made the time to spend quality time with her?

I urge you to take a look around, assess your life and remember the good old days… The days when Girlfriends ruled!  Is it time to take a break out of your busy life and recharge your batteries with some quality GIRL TIME?

Consider the benefits:

Recharge your energy, revive your relationships with family and kids (absence makes the heart grow fonder), reconnect with dear friends, renew your sense of self, motivation and inspiration, support and comfort, cutting loose and letting your hair down, feeling spirited and intuitive, emotional release, laughter, peace, happiness and feeling loved and understood unconditionally, acceptance, empowered to move forward…

Darlings the list goes on…. I DARE YOU TO ORGANISE SOME GIRL TIME TODAY!

What are you doing this weekend? Book in some quality time with some of your chickie friends and let your hair down… It’s time!

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Yours in Light , Love and Being a Goddess!

Janelle Manton


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