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Sex Sells

We all know how prolific sex is in the media, it’s everywhere you look there is either a half naked  skinny, big breasted woman with too perfect hair selling something…  cars, soft drinks, music, clothes, cosmetics, accessories – And that is just the start of it.  Even music clips need to be censored these days – anything from the teen sensation The Veronicas getting it on together in their clips to Beyonce wiggling her very gorgeous ass around is selling sex. I don’t need to remind you of how much of a uproar Cher caused when she decided to ‘Turn back time’ in her unforgettable ‘duct tape’ outfit whilst riding a cannon…. Argh! But we all still watched in amazement of some kind, right?

Advertisers know they are selling to both men and women when it comes to the sexy images they portray and they also know it works but are we as consumers really that gullible?  Or is there something far more important going on that we have yet to GET before this kind of advertising stops insulting our intelligence and sexualising our children?

The fact of the matter is that Sex Sells, it always has and most likely, always will!

What I find most interesting is what our perception of sexy really is.  For the majority of men it’s not big breasted, blond bombshells wearing short skirts (like most women also think).  Most people like to look at that kind of sexy (perhaps out of intrigue) but do not take it seriously. Why? Because we want more, men want more from women and women want more from themselves (and their men).  Succumbing to ‘cheap sexy’ (the kind that reveals too much skin) does not value the person for whom they really are inside, in fact, it sells them short by a long shot and insults their intelligence.

When surveyed by Top Secret Women’s Business, the majority of men said that confidence and curves are what they found most sexy about a woman… It was how they carried themself and really felt about themself on the inside that they found most appealing about a woman.  So why are we still accepting the media’s version of sexy when what we know to be REALLY AUTHENTICALLY SEXY comes from within? Time to ditch the discriminating sexist magazine advertising and glossies and make room for what really counts – How you really see and feel about yourself, because only then will advertiser ease up on perceiving sexy any other way.

This article is about how to really sell sex, the kind that keeps your ass covered and your breasts put away so you to get anything you want – with your integrity intact and your personal power restored.  You might even become a more media savvy person as a result – by not buying into the cheap thrill of boobs and bouncing hair. You will realise that sexy is not anything that is external but quite the opposite, sexy is a state of mind, a belief, a feeling, an undeniable strength, energy that you can cultivate at anytime, once you know how…

It means that anyone can be sexy at any size, shape, height, hair colour because sexy comes from within – at any time of the day. Sexy is a state of mind and quickly translates to innate confidence and self worth when you take the promise of sex out of it.

So how do you sell your own brand of sexy and become Mistress of your own Universe, get more of what you deserve and everything you expect?

It’s easy; you do it by cultivating your very own ‘Grrr…Factor’. Grrr factor is not too different from ‘X Factor’ but it’s more about what is on the inside. Grrr is spunk, confidence, self worth, an innate sense of knowing you are on top of your game, the solid sense of being totally in love with yourself and that little sparkle in your eye – the kind that lets people know you are deeply sexy – from the inside out.  It’s in your walk, your grace and poise, how you hold your head and the deep alluring look in your eyes…

A deep inner sense of sexy is revealed externally as confidence, if you know you are sexy, confidence comes easy and so will that job of your dreams, the career path you desire, the relationship you dream about and all the things in between that really matter. So let’s look at ways you can feel more sexy and powerful.

So here are 7 secrets to begin to cultivate your Grrr Factor;

  • Get rid of your magazines – especially the ones that do not serve YOU, stop buying them (put the money in an interesting bearing fund like ING instead), not only will you increase your wealth but you will be less influenced by others perception of beauty and perfection and start to develop your own sense of style and character less the external influences
  • Turn your TV off (or sell your TV), minimise your News viewing (because it’s all doom and gloom and can dampen anyone’s mood)
  • Now you’ve minimised the media bombardment, you can start getting more in touch with YOU and just being you, get Real and Raw. Every woman knows there is more to them than meets the eye, be prepared to be more open and more revealing of the inner you – by simply deciding that is what you want. Hang out with like minded women who support you
  • Ask yourself up to 50 times a day, “Am I being a real woman right now?” Display elegance, poise, grace, softness and posture when possible – when you shift your physiology, you can shift your mindset too – so no more slouching, hold your head up high honey and be proud, practice in your mirror at home
  • Pimp up your wardrobe with some colour, frills, florals, dresses and accessories – anything feminine that spells class and style (ok you may want to omit the floral suggestion). Dare to dress yourself up so you feel great every day, remember you don’t have to let your breasts out to play to feel sexy – True sexiness comes from within
  • Move more – exercise releases feel good endorphins into your body and are great for stress relief and making you feel on top of it… So start moving more, take the stairs, go for walks, Do some in home classes (Zumba is fantastic), bike ride, gym, yoga…Anything that gets you moving…
  • Be creative and expressive – Your femininity needs a creative outlet. In order to really nestle into your sexy mindset, discover a way you can express yourself and your emotions… Write, paint, do pottery, dance, sing, meditate. Whatever you do, make it an expression of your femininity so you can cultivate even more Grrr.

So here is the juice of it ladies… You don’t have to be the prettiest, smallest, youngest or best dressed to get what you want… All you need to do is believe in yourself… That kind of sexy can sell you into the career of your dreams, the relationship you’ve always wanted, or the team you’ve always wanted to join, anything in fact. Why? Because your Grrr Factor is about you and your innate confidence, your control and internal power and no one can take that from you and that my friends is dead sexy.

So does sex sell? Yes it does and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon (even in spite of the relentless efforts of the many anti sexist and anti discrimination campaigns running), so best you get  the band wagon – In a Top Secret kind of way… By discovering how you can cultivate you own brand of sexy that has you shining and feeling confident from the inside out. It’s only then when we change our overall perception of what sexy really is that anything in the media will change because only then will we stop buying into their perceptions of cheap sexy.

Are women disadvantaged if they don’t look like a glossy magazine cover? No way, sexy comes from within – it’s something you have inside you, every woman is sexy… Just ask me how you can identify your own sexy style that is what I do.

Is there an easy way I can feel deeply sexy and more confident? Yes indeed, especially through Top Secret Women’s Business… We have a Goddess Academy Retreat coming up in July and you can be one of the few women who are selected to attend – You will transform your life, I promise… Ask me how and save over $500 on your weekend tuition.

Also, check out my signature Audio program Cultivating the GRRR… Factor (only $35) – it could be the ticket you need to get started or rejuvenate your own sexy brand.  And take a look at the dates for The Goddess Academy – every woman should attend this weekend away, you need it…

I am here to help and Top Secret Women’s Business fully supports every woman’s personal journey toward being the Goddess you were born to be.

Yours Real and Raw

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