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Do you have the feeling something is missing?

Do you have the feeling something is missing?

Mar 22, 2012

All is not what it seems in the world of working business women; they’ve got what appears to be everything they have ever wanted but deep within there is a earning for something they cannot quite identify. It chips away at you while you sleep and lingers in the recesses of your mind during your busy days. When with your partner and children the void is not so deep but it still lurks…

The question you find yourself asking is how can anything be wrong? I mean, I love my husband, my kids are doing well in private school, my career is blossoming, I have a luxury car and a beautiful home, wonderful friends and family… But still I am left with this feeling of earning…

If life is so perfect, business is so successful, family life is so good, how can you be left with this feeling of emptiness?

In all the years I have been coaching, I’ve discovered this is a regular occurrence with women who are embedded into their careers and business.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing as there is so much to gain from contribution to your family and feeling validated by your career success is an integral part of building confidence and self-esteem, not to mention personal satisfaction.

However, I wonder why women who seem to have it all still are left with feelings of uncertainly and emptiness?

Living a façade of happiness eventually takes its toll on these beautiful women and what are unleashed are a world of hurt, confusion and need for understanding.

My research in coaching and working with business women over the past few years has indicated that women are quite simply disconnected from themselves and their primal

How many women are struggling with their relationships at the hands of their career and the disconnect that comes from corporate life? Is that really as ‘fulfilling’ as women make it out to be?

And what are the real consequences for not listening to your internal watch dog that is screaming for attention and leaving you with that earning feeling?

If you feel like something is wrong, it probably is!

So with an inquiring mind, I set out to discover exactly what it is that is missing from women’s lives. What is the yearning that leaves a woman feeling empty inside? I am going to share what I have discovered and how being plugged into the Matrix, is not all it’s cracked up to be…

Get connected!

It’s quite simple, most women’s earnings come from a deep primal desire to re-join the tribe and feel connected. Most importantly, this feeling of connection needs to start with you.  This means a deep feeling of knowing who you are as a woman, recognising your strength and source of power comes from being a woman first and foremost and includes feeling a deep sense of love for YOU and your femininity.

Awakening your womanliness can be the most rewarding path to experiencing complete fulfillment…

Once upon a time, before the onset of patriarchal domination women had this connection I speak of, working within a tribe, raising children, healing and teaching. Women were revered for their life force energy, their ability to bring life into the world and the wisdom that came with connection.  Nowadays, most people forget that we are animals, a species of the planet and are satiated only by material possessions and the obtainment of such.

Are those who seek such possessions and success really in denial of what may be considered primal urges, the need to have connection and love? Are they in denial that they are indeed animals on the planet and have a unique connection with this thing called life? How can we as a species forget what is real and fulfilling in life and pursue such meaningless validation?

How we have as wise women have come to this juncture in life is another story, for me, my pursuit is for the women who find themselves on the treadmill of life and are willing to DO something about it.

Are you ready to learn how you can discover the 3 Secrets to a TRULY Fulfilling Life?

1)      Admit there is something missing, an emptiness that prevents you from feeling totally happy is a start to gaining what it is you seek. When you accept and say out loud, ‘I want more’ and start questioning the depth of your life, the answers will start to show up.

2)      Most women who are in business or who work in the corporate arena are detached from their femininity – this is the case in order to compete in a highly masculine environment. In fact, most women, regardless of their work status, are conditioned to deny their primal needs for womanliness… SO HERE IN LIES THE SECRET… Feminize your life, start delving deep into the psyche of your womanliness and the connection you have with life and explore how connecting with yourself can change your life experiences.

3)      Research where, how and what it is you can do to start the journey to the centre of your feminine world, the one where you have complete fulfilment and joy in being a woman. DARE to do something you may have otherwise considered ‘woo woo’, or full of ‘dolphins and crystals’. Let down your guard and opinion and find validity in the numerous options for self-actualisation there are available and you will truly discover a world of happiness, connection and fulfilment you have been unconsciously seeking.

What I have found in the events, retreats and workshops I run is that the missing piece is not taught to us in school, a lot of women did not have in-depth open discussion with their mothers and our education, religious beliefs and social expectations can drastically alter our natural state of femininity.  Add to that a healthy dose of sexism and sabotage and we have generations of women in denial of their innate birth right, that of being a full and complete woman.

What I do at my events and through my online products, is to bring out the woman within, awaken her and guide her to her true full potential. In this place you are free to enjoy unconditional love and connection in your personal life, embrace love from girlfriends and family and enjoy more fun that truly satiates your inner earning soul… And that is just the beginning…

If you are interested in joining me at my next Goddess Retreat, please email me at  If you are keen to start a personal journey and cannot attend an event, then  I have an online 12 week FEMME MATRIX Coaching Program which is specifically designed to assist in your future success, add to your life tool box and bring much happiness to your life.  Talk to me or click here for more information.

Much love,

Yours Real and Raw

Janelle Manton – The Feminizer

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