Live Your Life Like You Are Ageless…

Feeling Fabulous at 40… Why wait?

Gorgeous Ladies (and to my growing list of gentleman readers),

Recently, I had a photgraphic session by the very talented Dylan Hodgson (check him out on my facebook) for the purpose of PR, a fun experience I would recommend to everyone.  However, that is not what I am going to write about today.... What I noticed in going through the disc of fabulous photos is how much I had grown.  There was one picture in particular that stopped me in my tracks, it was a full length photo that captured the very essence of who I am, a real woman.  I thought to myself, wow, I look like a grown up...!  I'd never really seen myself in that light prior to this moment. I feel so young at heart in my mind that seeing my nearly 40 self was a revelation, a fabulous one because I love what I saw. Yes I had a pretty pink shirt on and my hair and makeup was awesome, but what I really captured was the essence of me. While I feel like I own who I am, real and raw, I actually connected and saw that woman in the photo!