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The Collision Course Called Love!

The Collision Course Called Love!

Oct 17, 2010

When love strikes, it can hit like a freight train… In my experience, there are two types of freight trains; the kind that slowly builds up momentum and speed and keeps a steady course all the way till it reaches its final destination. Then you have the kind of freight train that stops every now and then, drops off a load, picks up new stuff but keeps...

I’m in love with your Ghost

God bless the Indigo Girls for the lyrics of their song ‘Ghost’ as it provides a doorway for me to feel the presence of my grief and love for my father.  The 25th of June this year is a very special day, as it marks the 10 year anniversary of my father’s death.  He was taken from us by the mysterious dark cloud of Cancer. I watched it carry him away bit by painful bit. In the past ten years I have developed my own understanding of grief and how it evolves and have also grown to be in love with my father’s ghost!

He left me with the most powerful gift of love and faith.....

Are you Perfect?

Hello lovely ladies, It occured to me some time recently how immobilised I have been in the past by 'perfection' and the desire to get everything in my life just right. Now, there is nothing wrong with mediocrity, that certainly has it's place somewhere in world but not in my world. The problem is while I seek perfection I am often rendered immobilised - I do nothing out of fear of failure! So, essentially, it's either doing something perfectly, or not at all.