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The Metamorphosis of Woman

The Metamorphosis of Woman

Apr 24, 2013


 The past year has been one of incredible change for me, I know you have felt it too, it’s   unavoidable to experience the natural shift in consciousness – unless you are of course,  living unconsciously… It’s taken a while, but I can finally write about my Metamorphosis.

The winds of change are upon us all with the dawn of a new era, a transformation many a conscious person feels and is still feeling as Aquarius engulfs us with her wisdom. I am so happy to say good bye to the last decade, one of the hardest I’ve experience but one I am most grateful for.

I don’t know if wisdom comes with age or if it’s the age of wisdom that is what is being experienced but I know this, I am glad to be a part of a changing time that is so profoundly felt by so many and as I sat on a rock at Airlie Beach watching the wind blow the old me away over Christmas. I now find myself contemplating what on earth happened to make me feel so different now.

I feel like I am in a new atmosphere, everything in my life feels different to me – my heart space, my emotions, my attitude and clarity is clean and most of all my divine feminine is awakened with profound inner peace, I have finally arrived home. So why did I feel so lost in this space of contentment?

The end of last year marked the end of a struggling and chaotic era for me in so many ways. It’s been an uphill battle juggling and balancing the raising of my children, work, business and lets not even mention my personal relationships being unsettled (to say the least on this subject). After 9 years of separation and taking on the many roles of mother, father – provider, sister, entrepreneur, student, leader and everything else I could get my hands on, I had finally reached the highest point of low, I was totally cooked and ready for a new way of existing – it’s called living.

Over the past few years everything I did seemed like a struggle, so much effort and energy extending out but little coming back to me in the way of financial rewards, peace and success. I had been pushing for success and happiness in all the wrong directions and nothing was working the way I had pictured just 9 years prior. That was when I left my husband after 10 years of marriage.

Toward the end of last year I could feel myself losing my essence like a cup with a slow leak draining of all its goodness. The energy leak stole my sexy mojo (my most treasured friend and confidant), it threw away my passion, killed my sense of humour, had me become judgmental, cynical and tossed my compassionate nature to the wayside. I had nothing left…

In my pessimistic, agitated, lifeless space I sat waiting for a sign from the Goddesses I prayed to daily. I prayed to find solace in my changing world but nothing came soon enough… But it did come eventually. What appeared was a feeling… a sneaking feeling that my prayers had been answered. It crept up and intensified the closer I got to the end of the year – the end of the world as we knew it to be.

In the past few years I knew I had spent too much time with people who opinions mattered a little too much to me. I knew I had compromised too much of my true self in my interactions, trying to please and fit in. I knew I had spent every last dime on my business events that left me broke and finally ‘I’ was broken. The cost had been great and now a strange fulfilling feeling surrounded me and the instinct to get away was overwhelming. I had to get away and find a new space being with me once again, to reconnect with the heart of my nature.

Strangely, last year I had landed the perfect job, a job training people to be trainers, it was a dream come true. Finally, I was being paid my worth, meeting people from all over Australia, traveling and finally feeling content with life and my fundamental needs of certainty and security were being met. How crazy is it to think everything in life was finally so perfect yet this nagging feeling ‘leaking’ was overwhelming me to bits. I just didn’t understand what was happening. I mean, I didn’t even have anything to write about, I was spent, yet content. What irony!

So this is what I have observed; I’ve not been content in so long I had forgotten how to do it (if I have ever known). Contentment left me questioning, querying and feeling unsettled it was a new emotion to me as pushing up hill had reigned for so long. I didn’t know how to do content or simple happiness. Without absurd effort, I felt like something was wrong with me!

So how could I go from chaos to calm so quickly? Well 3 days in the Whitsundays in northern Queensland is like 3 days of heaven on earth. It’s the most serene and beautiful place on the planet… I took time out for me, to listen to the winds of change sweep through my mind, my body and soul and I listened to my hearts desire and she told me to make life decisions that cherish simple happiness. She told me to be at peace, to stop trying so hard and to let the things go of things that were arduous.. To let go and let God…

I became fully aware of my mental attitude shifting, my visions enlightened, I felt lighter, relieved and sublimely conscious of the miracle that had taken place.

I had transformed, a process of metamorphosis had taken place and I live now in a place of content and will to pursue deeper levels of happiness and fullfilment. Finally, I have become the woman I have always dreamed of being – awakened… There is always room for growth and to this I will always be in pursuit, however, the incubation period that is the precursor to flourishing, I will never again fight or deny or mistaken as something being wrong.

I’ve never before felt so secure and humbled by being myself.

Life always deals us the cards we are capable of working with, nothing more, nothing less. There is always a lesson available when we are ready to receive and to this I am grateful.

I’m profusely happy now to receive myself with unconditional love, acceptance and the freedom that comes with a full moon rising over tropical islands… A miracle I witnessed that symbolised the rise of femininity, my womanliness!

Shift happens at the time in which we are ready to receive, all you have to do is open your heart and the rest will flow effortlessly. Let go and have faith… I promise.

And here I was thinking I had nothing to write about….

With love and Gratitude,

Yours Real and Raw,

Janelle Manton of Top Secret Women’s Business

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    1. Debbie Flack /

      Hi Janelle, As I started to read this I felt like you were writing about me. I feel like I am at the doorway ready to open my wings and fly, flutter, glide and soar into my life. My eyes seem refreshed and able to see more of the light shining through the doorway. My wings are still a little sticky from where I have come but they are drying in preparation for the fun and exciting times ahead.

      Thank you Deb

      • janelle /

        Deb, so sorry it’s taken me soooo long to reply. I love hearing how my writing may have helped others… Continue to fly sista x

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