Live Your Life Like You Are Ageless…

My Mission

Live life like you are AGELESS!



It’s my mission to make the world a happier place filled with successful happy people who are giving back to our planet.

I want you to make money doing what you love.

 I want to assist you to SPEAK OUT and SPEAK WELL and earn a profitable income while you are doing it.


I help you achieve the results you really want in life through:

  • Public Speaking Coaching
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Start-up Business Coaching and Mentoring
  • Non Accredited Workshops and Short Courses
  • Personal and Professional Development Programs
  • Workshop Design Course
  • Women’s Retreats
  • Public Speaking Key Notes
  • Inspirational and ‘How To’ Articles

I am an Entrepreneur and always will be. I’ve tried working for other companies and I am filled constantly with thoughts of what I should be doing instead… It’s a calling I cannot deny or ignore. I’m a TRAIL BLAZER. I want to lead the way for others to live a full and passionate life, doing what they love.

Can you hear me? Does that make sense to you?

Are you getting the feeling, this sounds like you too?

I cannot do this alone. So many of you have brilliant ideas that will change the world, you have a cause worth fighting for, you are inspired with business potential that will make a difference to your family and others… So why haven’t you done it yet?

Let me help you create a plan, launch your ideas, teach you how to speak confidently about it to the people who matter and together, let’s contribute to the world around us with philanthropy, fresh businesses that inspire independence and a voice that influences those who most need it.


Being in the Boy from Oz was a massive achievement!

Being in the Boy from Oz was a massive achievement!

ARTICLES you will find on my BLOG include:

Stories of interest may include: Sex/Sexuality, Tantra, Masculine/Feminine, Gender Bias, Relationships, Abuse, Parenting, Births, Drugs/Alcohol, Career, Success, Adventure, Spirituality, Mysticism, Cults, Travel, Health/Food/Fitness, Inspiration, Motivation, World Issues, World Peace, Financial Strategies, Overcoming Adversity of any kind…

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Not all stories submitted will be published, at the discretion of Top Secret Women’s Business. All published articles will be credited to the author.


Sign up to Avaaz and sign their petitions to change the planet – every activists dream as you can support every cause with a signature and truly make change happen. Follow this LINK


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