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What Men Really Want

What Men Really Want

Jul 12, 2012

It’s come to my attention that most men, what I like to call real men, love booty… That is, a woman who has curves and shapeliness. They love the curves and silhouette of a womans body and the softness that couples the subtly of her shape.  After interviewing over 50 men of what they love most about a woman, nearly all said they love her confidence and sense of humor, “a woman who has ass” was even quoted by one gentleman. In all the men interviewed, not one single man mentioned a slim, skinny woman…. Yet women obsess over being slim, slender and starve themselves on a regular basis. For what?  So we can compare to pictures we see in magazines? So we can compete with other women?

Women are slaves to media for no reason and the reality is, most men dont care what your body shape is. What they care about most is how comfortable you are with yourself. A confident woman is a sexy woman and confidence will reign over a tight bum any day, ask the men in your life yourself…. Don’t get me wrong, men love to look at those type of figures but the reality is, very few women have the kind of bodies you see in magazines or on TV and men have know this for a long time.  So isn’t it time for women to own their shapeliness, walk with pride about their curves and take a good look around… Most women have curvy, full figures, it’s how we are made and with good reason – if we were like men, men would not be attracted to us.

Women bodies are meant to be soft and smooth so a baby can nuzzle and be comforted by her, it’s the way of nature – we are not men, we are not the hunters!  The thing I find most frightening is the regularity of which women stress about their weight, complain about what they have been given, over what they wish for. They stretch their bank accounts with needless surgery and go under the knife to try and perfect something that is already perfect, we are keen to jump on the next diet phenomenon and spend our hard earned cash of exercise equipment we will never use…. Are we crazy? What ever happened to a good stable diet of fresh healthy food, a brisk morning walk and a little self lovin?

“When you change your mindset and perception of who are and how you look, the whole world changes”.

It’s time for women to stop this nonsense of self sabotage, love the very things that makes us different and womanly and start respecting that we are all different… Remember, if we want to be attractive to the opposite sex, who we are is paramount, how we love ourselves is what is noticeable and confidence and a great sense of humour is a most desirable quality….

Do you have what is takes to let go of poor body image and start living with great self esteem? Are you ready?

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Yours Real and Raw

Janelle Manton

Director, The Feminiser, Author, Speaker and Trainer and Facilitator of Women’s Retreats

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