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When to Diversify your Business

When to Diversify your Business

Nov 29, 2012

If you have ever started a business or business venture, then I take my hat off to you, it takes a lot of courage and stamina to start a business and not everyone makes it to the finish line. In fact, a large percentage of all new businesses go out of business after the first 2 years.

How do you avoid the pitfalls of a changing market place and continue to grow your business?

The first thing I would suggest is reading the book Who Moved My Cheese, it’s a great little book about change and how to move ‘with’ a changing world, instead of being victim to it. This book is ideal for anyone in business.

One of the biggest decisions you may ever have to make in your business is to decide when to ride the down times, when to cut your losses and get out and when to move with the changing times.

So what happens when you have tried everything you can to expand your business and it’s just not growing like you originally planned?

It might be time to diversify – Change directions slightly. 

If you ask most business owners what they were doing when they first started their business, you will discover, in most cases, it’s not what they are doing now. Diversifying means perhaps branch out in different directions and consider what else you can do with what you already have and who you can do it with.  Remember your business is as only as big as your imagination!

The fact you are in business means you don’t mind taking a risk, but sometimes we need a little nudge when it comes to change and letting go of our business ideals – as we originally saw them.  Dyf=versifying says a lot about how you value your growth as a business owner.

I leave you with this thought… If your business is challenged, can you honestly say you have tried everything? Have you asked to be Mentored? Received Coaching? Reconsidered your Marketing plan? What else can you do?

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